About Us

About Our Company

How We Began

The 911 Recruiter began with an idea of creating a central location where police, fire and EMS agencies throughout the country could post their positions and allow for candidates to directly apply without having multiple applications on different websites.

What we found was that our first responders have to research open positions and complete paper applications in most situations and then either mail or drop off the completed paperwork to the agency.  The 911 Recruiter simplifies the process by streamlining the manual steps that bog down an organization.  Our system allows for minimal intervention from the client side and relies on technology to make positions in police, fire and EMS departments accessible without geographic limitations.

About Our Founder

The 911 Recruiter was developed by its founder and president Peter Melan.  Peter brings a wealth of experience that dates back two decades when he began his public safety career as an EMT in Pennsylvania while attending Moravian College.  He maintains his state certification today and although time does not allow for him to actively participate in providing patient care, he volunteers on local, state, and federal committees where he plays a vital role in forming policy and furthering the EMS cause.

Our Featured Services

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    Online Applications

    A true paperless system to create an efficient method of recruiting for open positions and accepting applications.

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    Each application and questionnaire are customized to each client who request specific questions and other unique aspects.

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    Our system is built to integrate into major Applicant Tracking Systems with the ability to customize feeds for reporting.

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    Quick Support

    We provide a level of support that is available to clients throughout the workday. Client emails are answered within one business day with responses usually within the same day.

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    Cost Effective

    Our system is built to allow HR staff more time to handle the needs of staff and remove the burden of accepting paper applications, storage, and communicating with applicants.

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    Our system has the ability to notify applicants and our clients daily regarding open positions and their corresponding status.