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You may contact the hiring manager or lead recruiter by visiting the job posting and clicking on the orange button that says 'Contact Employer'.
You may reset your information by clicking on the menu item labeled Sign In.  Under the Password field, you may click on the link labeled Forgot Password and follow the steps to reset your password.  You may also contact us at support@the911recruiter.com or call 610.813.2031 and one of our staff members will gladly assist you in the process.
The 911 Recruiter is a completely online system that is designed to allow for candidates to apply directly on our system.  There is no current mechanism to print a copy of the application and send it to the hiring manager.  If you are experiencing difficulties in completing the application, please feel to contact us via email at support@the911recruiter.com or call 610.813.2031 and one of our staff members will gladly assist you in the process.
There is no way to purge or delete accounts on our website.  In the future, we may consider notifying applicants and clients that after a time where no activity has occurred, The 911 Recruiter will clean the database of inactive accounts.
The hiring process varies amongst our clients.  For certain law-enforcement positions, there may be additional steps communicated to applicants once the posting has expired.  For other positions, it will depend on the needs of the individual department as they are the decision-makers in reviewing applicants.
The 911 Recruiter will send an automated email once your application has been received and fully completed.  The department will be in contact with you after the job posting has closed with the appropriate next steps.
Once you identify a position and wish to apply, click on Apply For This Job and the system will prompt you to Sign In or Register for a new account.  You may login to the system and follow the prompts to begin applying for the job.
The hiring manager will contact you with the next steps after the position has closed and indicate the next steps in the process.
After the application has been fully completed, the department will be notified that you applied for the posted position.  Once the job posting has closed, the department will notify you of the next steps in the process.
Unless there are questions regarding your application, you may not hear from the department until after job posting has expired.